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If you suffered harm in a West Pasco car accident due to another person’s wrongful actions, you may be entitled to pursue a legal claim and seek compensation for the damages and losses you suffered. More importantly, working with experienced legal counsel can help improve your chances of securing the maximum compensation you deserve. Unfortunately, many people fail to secure this legal counsel because they worry about the costs involved with retaining a West Pasco car accident attorney. However, in the below guide, we will clear up some of the misunderstandings when it comes to hiring a car accident attorney and explain why you can afford a West Pasco car crash lawyer.

Hiring a Car Accident Attorney in West Pasco 

In general, car accident attorneys work under a contingency fee arrangement. A contingency fee arrangement means an attorney will receive a percentage of a client’s verdict, jury award, or settlement when they win their case instead of the attorney billing the client an hourly or flat fee.

Furthermore, when attorneys work on a contingency fee basis, there are no upfront fees, and the lawyer will only get paid if their client wins their case. If they lose, the client will not have to pay the attorney for the work done.

The Factors That Can Impact a Contingency Fee

Most car accident attorneys charge between 33 and 40 percent when it comes to their contingency fees. However, this percentage can be higher or lower depending on numerous factors, including:

The Effort To Take On a Case

Experienced car accident attorneys can review a case and determine how much time and effort they will need to put into it to have a successful outcome. As a result, if it appears a case will take a significant amount of the attorney’s resources, these lawyers may end up charging a higher contingency fee percentage.  

The Risks Involved

Depending on the circumstances, attorneys may conclude that there is a high risk in taking on a case, such as when there is a serious lack of evidence. In these instances, the attorney may charge a higher contingency fee percentage due to the significant risk involved.

Heading To Trial

While most car accident claims settle before trial, some may end up in the courtroom. However, because settlements can result in a quicker resolution of a claim, leading to lesser expenses and resources, it is common for car accident attorneys to charge a lower contingency fee if cases settle. In comparison, if a case heads to trial, the costs, and resources involved will be significantly more, which may mean that the contingency fee may increase if a case ends up before a judge or jury.

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If you endured significant injuries in a West Pasco car accident due to another person’s wrongful actions, you may have legal options you can pursue. For further information regarding these options, contact an experienced West Pasco car accident attorney from Weber Law Firm today or call us at 727-297-2032.

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