No auto insurance

Question: I do not have car insurance and was in a car accident, but I was not at fault. Can I pursue a settlement for my damages from the at-fault party?

Yes. You can bring a negligence claim against the at-fault party and pursue them for your damages. Not having auto insurance in effect does not prevent you from recovering your damages after an auto accident. With the cost of living increasing, many are falling behind on their bills. Sometimes, others change bank accounts and forget to notify their auto insurer carrier before their automatic payment comes out. Auto insurance policies lapse and then before you know it you find yourself involved in a car accident.

If you do not have auto insurance coverage, you will not have any personal injury protection benefits “PIP benefits” to pay for the first $10,000 of your medical treatment. Your accident-related medical expenses remain outstanding until your cases settles.

person with an injured neck in New Port Richey

Therefore, it’s important to contact an experienced Personal Injury Attorney, so they can identify all insurance coverage available and monitor your medical expenses closely. Verifying there is bodily injury coverage “BI coverage” will be essential before you incur extensive medical treatment. An experienced Personal Injury Lawyer will also be able to confirm your policy was not in effect at the time of loss. Before a policy can be cancelled, the insurer is required to provide notice and an car accident lawyer will be able to request the require proof of notice.

If you do not have auto insurance coverage and were involved in a car accident, contact Weber Law Firm today to speak to an experienced personal injury lawyer near you!