$110,000 Injury Settlement

When we took this case on it first appeared there was only. a total of $20k in coverage ($10k in bodily injury (BI) liability coverage and $10k in underinsured motorist (UIM) coverage) for this client to go after following a rear-end collision. However, when the client’s insurance company could not produce a valid UM selection/rejection form, Attorney Weber demanded they extend UIM limits that matched the client’s BI limits of $100k. Therefore, the insurance coverage to pursue for this client’s claim went from $20k to $110k and Attorney Weber successfully recovered a $110k injury settlement for this client. This is why it’s important to hire a Florida Injury Lawyer who has extensive knowledge about auto insurance coverage. This case settled for the $10k BI limits and the $100k UIM limits Attorney Weber uncovered.

Don’t settle for less, let Weber Law Firm maximize your injury settlement.